Rolex Rings IPO Allotment Status and Market Price

Rolex Rings IPO: The purchase rate has been highly increasing for the Rolex Rings IPO; from the inventors, the response is excellent. A net worth of 731 crore Price has been guaranteed for the Rolex Rings as per the timetable. Inventors are advised to register before or on the 5th of 2020. We have provided the allotment status and other necessary details.

Rolex Rings IPO
Rolex Rings IPO
Date of allotment Nil
Post Rolex Rings IPO Allotment
Firm Rolex Rings
Trading Date Not yet Released
GMP cost Rs 530-550 crore


Allotment of Rolex Rings IPO

The allotment of the Rolex Rings IPO was decided to be held in 2020, but due to some reasons, it couldn’t. Moreover, the inventors are willing to wait to know about their status; they can get their position from the IPO registrar Or BSE India.

Steps to Check the Rolex Rings IPO Status

  1. Visit the IPO registrar’s official portal
  2. After opening the site, choose the issued name & equity.
  3. Then, from the shortlisted companies, choose Rolex Rings Limited.
  4. Here, fill out your registration number & Pan number.
  5. Verify your information and press OK on the search option to know about the status.
  6. If the allotment status of Rolex Rings is accessible, it will be there on your screen.

How to Check Rolex Rings Allotment From Linkin Time

  1. Open the LinkinTime official portal where the Rolex Rings allotment Status is mentioned @httpss://
  2. On the web page, click on the Rolex rings.
  3. Here, you need to provide your PAN number.
  4. Then finally, on the search option, press “OK” now, and you can check out your allotment status.

What is the Market Price of the Rolex Rings IPO?

The Rolex Rings IPO’s current market price is Rs.  530 to 550 crore. The hike shows a positive attitude toward the inventors. The majority of the holders will not get the share of the Rolex, and their money will be shortly refundable within 48 hours. From August 9, the trading will commence.




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