SSA Gujarat Online Hajri System

To operate a peaceful educational environment for both teachers and students online, the Council of Elementary Education in Gujarat recently introduced a great initiative to encourage both parties. Besides, providing education freely across Gujarat to children between the age of 6-and 14 years is specially trained by the Department of Education and the initiative named Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

SSA Gujarat Online Hajri System
SSA Gujarat Online Hajri System

On the Official portal of SSA Gujarat, Teachers can mark the attendance of themselves and students as well to make better progress during online classes and to stick with the schedule.

Steps to Login & Make Online Hajri in SSA Gujarat  

The attendance method online is introduced for both teachers & students to get a proper attendance of both the parties and to avoid any problems regarding the attendance percentage. Moreover, from the SSA official portal, students & Teachers can take their attendance. Before the 11:30 am shift and at 2:00 pm for the afternoon session. Moreover, before 12:30 pm, the attendance should be marked by the teachers; the same goes for the students. Teachers have to take the online attendance of students as well.

  1. Teachers are requested to open the official portal of SSA Gujarat
  2. Then, you will get the online attendance method on the site’s webpage.
  3. You need to log in to the website by providing the password & user id.
  4. The attendance for both the Teachers & students section will appear.
  5. Then, choose the required attendance section.
  6. Here, you can finally see the SSA Gujarat online Hajri will display on your device’s screen.
  7. Lastly, press on the preferred space to mark online Hajri.



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